Time for some honest transparency, when i was a kid i was a runaway kid and landed on the streets of San Francisco .1988 a reporter for the Sacramento Bee approached wanting to do story on street kids and how they survived. I agreed to let him follow me around for a few weeks and take photos and interview me, shadow me. That story made the front page of the Sac Bee on a Sunday edition. My mom still has a copy of it. Fast forward to 1992. i remember because it was the time of the Rodney King riots and we protesting at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland OR. A photography student of PSU asked us he if could take some photos of me and my friends , we all being angry punk rocks kids at the time , protesting something popular and important. remember this before the days before google and the internet . it was still just bbs bulletin boards then. A few days later the photographer came back to meet up with us and giving us B&W 8x10s of us like we agreed . He asked me could he speak to alone , stepping away from friends he brought a book , opens it up and points to an article and photos there , is that you ? he asked … That article won a international photojournalism award . I looked at him and i said i think i know what i want to do now , photography , writing stories telling a story with images …. i haven’t been successful at yet but i’m still chasing that dream i can’t give up on it. but i am kick ass photographer CGold Photography, Chazzarazzi, CGoldPhotos TheMusic is where you can see where i’ve gone with this story …. After years of struggling with a heavy drug addiction and personality , at the time of the writing of this i’ve been clean and sober for 9 months. Happily . That’s why i keep at it . That is the beginning of this story , its why i cant give up .