Dark Matter Cult : An Anti-Valentines Day

I had the pleasure of shooting photos for the Dark Matter Cult at Crush last on beautiful Sunday evening. Where they presented a unique take on anti-Valentine's day.

As the invitation said “This is sexy, dark variety show
Incorporating purification rituals from Roman Festival February and a renouncing your religion ceremony promoting self-love” Stating, “You know you've never had a night like this one!”

There was Burlesque, magic, belly dancing, snake charming, poetry, music and much more. 


Zaspira, an amazingly talented belly dancer started off the night with her enchanting, mesmerizing classic tribal fusion style of belly dance.

Setting the stage for Velvet Booth , and her Burlesque version of Kill Bill, or rather Kill Harvey, Weinstein that is. After a super sexy reenactment of some classic moves from the famous movie, she little killed it splendidly by using her sword to slice through a poster of the culprit Weinstein himself amongst boos and the roar of the crowd of approval.


 Next up was, Serpentine Charming, I have to say When you go to see a burlesque show you want to be completely taken away with the act. You want to see something theatrical, mystical and entertaining, something a little special and out of the ordinary this was definitely it, Serpentine Charming’s act was just that. a quite came over the crowd and everyone’s eyes opened a little bit wider as she charmed a large boa out a box and danced it withed and made away around her body. It was exotic and charming to watch.


Anthony Cocytus was next with a twisted perverted version of a classic magician act. Showing and promising us that he knew what he was doing when replacing his “willing” assistance Feldspar'sheart with darker, apt one. Of course, in the end, having consulted the Easy Peasy, Evil Magic manual. But hey he was actually never there…. Hail Satan. 



As lights dimmed and got redder after such a bloody act it was only appropriate that  Rummy Rose took the stage donning a cape and Behemoth skull make the strains of black metal. The cape dropped and sexiness began. But this was dark sexiness, incorporating pagan like blood rituals. Writhing her was around the stage as the crowd sat slack-jawed and overcome with desire, the woman wanting to be her and the men well, you get the picture.


Last but not least our hostess Few took a volunteer from the crowd, performing purification rituals from Roman Festival February and a renouncing your religion ceremony promoting self-love. As promised.


 Johnny Demonic, provided the magical tunes for the night.

 There was art from Lily H. Valentine . in the beginning of the show were handed wood needs with hearts on them, at the end of the show were introduced to the newest cult member, welcome Brother Hayfield. Where we go to prick him with pins.


If you have not been to a Dark Matter Cult you really should attend the next one. Its good for your …soul you know.



to see all the glorious photography of this night please go too.