List of magazines , themes and photo shoots i am seeking for models for

I am looking for models to collaborate with many themes. There is no pay from the magazine but we do get tear sheets. They have a heavy digital base and are pay for print. It’s a great way to get exposure. I also have a handful of magazines I’d like to submit to based out of the UK. everything is listed below I will update the list as I discover more Please hit me up if you're interested.


call or text 971-340-6523

updated may 19th 2018




Deadline  :  AUG 1  //  Release Date  :  SEPT 1


Deadline  :  OCT 1  //  Release Date  :  NOV 1

We are looking for beautifully styled, fashion/alternative fashion editorials, elegant, edgy

June 1 - June 20          July 1             Open

July 1 - July 20             Aug 1            Green

Aug 1 - Aug 20             Sep 1             Open

Sep 1 - Sep 20              Oct 1              Noir

Oct 1 - Oct 20              Nov 1             Open

Nov 1 - Nov 20             Dec 1           Jewels

Dec 1 - Dec 20             Jan 1              Open


Not all those who wander are lost (June 17th – July 1st)

For this double month, summer release, Not all those who wander are lost, we will be looking for works (photography, illustrations, paintings…) inspired by wanderlust, nomads, bohemians,…


for The Muse magazine

Upcoming Themes

Mermaids, Fairies, Angels...Magical Muses Imagery - Deadline June 20 #magicalmuses

Pantone Color of The Year - Ultra Violet Deadline July 30

Femme Rebelle Magazine UK based no themes but they do take submissions. 


Crazy Bitch Magazine

looking for photo series to use for editorials and full page spreads. We are looking for alternative Fashion, alternative Styles, all sizes, ages,  and genders to be featured in images


Model Society Magazine

this magazine is looking for artwork will helping people everywhere liberate how they feel about human beauty. Beyond standards and cultural manipulation, your contribution reveals that BEAUTY IS AN EXPERIENCE ... NOT A STANDARD.

***2018 ISSUES AS OF NOW***


June- Water Theme | Deadline - May 24th

July- Issue #1 Patriotic Theme | Deadline - June 23rd

July- Issue #2 80’s Theme | Deadline - July 8th

August- Summer Theme | Deadline - July 24th

September- Back to School Theme | Deadline - August 24th

October - Halloween | Deadline - September 23rd

November- Fall | Deadline - October 24th

December- Christmas | Deadline - November 23rd