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This project was born on the fugues of coma dreams while i was healing from a near death experience in early 2009.

Here is that story... i suffered a traumatic head injury in a home invasion in San Francisco this resulted in my being an a coma state for several. days While i was in that coma i had very real tactile yet surreal dreams, thing being in purgatory , on lsd with Salvatore Dali ... some of those dreams i had EXACT visions of images like this one. i do mean exact imagine my surprise when i saw her on a stage in Portland Or.

In this one dream (in the coma) was myself standing in a art gallery surrounded by photographs that were edited and made into art just you see here in this project i knew what i wanted to create but ,I wondered how i would do it for a long time because as a result of my injury i lost most of the use of my right hand (i was prominently right handed) and was worried. wandering a camera store asked was there anything for lefty's camera wise ? never has there been a left handed camera made , but i discovered a combination made by Sony a pro dslr that allowed me to take photos , left handed .... was off and running.


So i am publishing a coffee table photography book that will raise positive awareness of tattooing and women, showing them not as objects, but as powerful, intelligent & equal. This is an amazing project, it's helped me heal and grow and evolve as a an artist.

After that experience taking inventory life i realized that all my best friends are women, always have been, my mom and i were close , my grandma surely a huge influence in my world and i wanted to do something honored the women in my life, something that portrayed women as powerful , commanding of respect and dignity, that portrays just that.


While tattoos are more and more a part of the mainstream culture and widely accepted heavily tattooed women still looked viewed as outside of the norm, stupid right ???

So i decide to put together a gallery shows and a coffee table book project of the power of a woman making the free will choice adorning their temples that is the human body.

this project is going to about women with art on their bodies , women of every size shape and ethnicity.using skills and types of editing that i have learned and am honing to highlight the ink that is under their skin to present them to world